Client and Perpetrator

Case Investigations are in-depth reviews of shared data points between Members of Two Chandys.

Case Investigations usually involve controversial cases between Members that are romantic interests, partners or spouses, friends, family members, or peers within a social group.

Due to the sensitive nature of Case Investigations, they are confidentially administered by the Officers of Two Chandys, who have undergone extensive training and taken the Oath of Two Chandys Officers.

Members involved in any Case Investigation are anonymized as follows:

  • The Member making the request is referred to as the “Client“.
  • The Member being investigated is referred to as the “Perpetrator“.


When the Officers are assigned a Case Investigation they assemble a small group of individuals to review the evidence collected in the case and formulate possible outcomes.

These individuals are known as the ASEs.

ASEs are the only people the Officers are allowed to communicate with about the Case Investigation.

The Officers provide the ASEs with everything they need to review the case by creating an ASE Case File.


To kick off the Case Investigation, the Officers email the ASEs an initial description of the case via email, along with any other relevant background information captured during Client intake.

After interviewing the Perpetrator, the Officers email the ASEs information on the counter-position to the Client.

Once the ASEs have been provided the positions of both sides of the issue, the Officers set out to collect evidence about the case from witnesses and others not associated with the Client or Perpetrator.


The Officers will include all evidence collected in the matter in an Evidence Locker.

Evidence Lockers are kept in a confidential secure location at Chandy House Racine.

The Officers will email an Access Pass to the Evidence Locker for the Case Investigation to the ASEs for review so they can develop an understanding of what really happened between the Client and Perpetrator and formulate possible outcomes of the Case Investigation.

How to Win

After reviewing the evidence in the Case Investigation, all ASEs on the case will be asked to submit reports that include the outcome they each believe occurred between the Client and Perpetrator.

The most analytical and comprehensive ASEs will be selected to be featured in the Results of the Case Investigation that will be emailed to all ASEs on the case within a few weeks of them submitting their reports.

The Officers are a small team, and as such, are able to communicate with only so many ASEs at once. This means each ASE has a good chance of winning the Case Investigation; however, because the ultimate goal of the Case Investigation is supporting the Members of Two Chandys in resolving their differences, the competition embedded in the Case Investigation is not the focal component of the ASE experience.


Once a case is assigned Officers of Two Chandys and ASEs, the Officers begin the Case Investigation by emailing the ASEs the Case Overview.

First, the Officers interview the Client. The Officers must email their notes from the Client interview to the ASEs within a week of being assigned the case.

By the end of the following week, the Officers must interview the Perpetrator and email the ASEs the related notes.

As soon as the Officers send the interview notes, they have a week to collect evidence from those not associated with either the Client or Perpetrator and include those data in the Case File.

The Officers will then email the ASEs an Access Pass to the Evidence Locker that holds the physical evidence they collect after interviewing both the Client and Perpetrator.

The evidence should allow the ASEs to form an idea of what really happened in the case.

Once the ASEs have reviewed the entire Case File, which includes whatever is in the Evidence Locker, the ASEs will be asked to submit their reports of what happened.

Over the next few weeks, the Officers will evaluate the ASE reports and determine

The outcome for the Case Investigation.

** is emailed to ASEs on a relatively weekly basis for several weeks. Report submit scheduled ****.

It takes several weeks for the Officers to process the reports of the ASEs for a Case Investigation.

12 ASEs will be selected as finalists and will be announced in the Results that are emailed to all ASEs within a few weeks of them submitting their reports.

In conjunction with the report submission, ASEs are asked to nominate an organization (or, in the alternative, a VIP at an organization) to ***** sponsor a drink **** at Chandy House Racine.

Organizations or VIPs within organizations that are mentioned within the most positive ASE reports will be asked to manage a Station in the network during the following ASE Case Investigation.

A random selection of the ASEs with the most analytical reports will also be asked to host a meeting during the following ASE Case Investigation, in which case a section of their ASE Porfolios may be featured in the ******

A selection of finalists Case Cards will be featured in the Case Investigation Results as well as at the Behind the Case meeting hosted by the Officers of Clubhouse Onyx. The finalists will also vote on the headliner for next year’s Case Investigation. *******

The top 4 ASEs will win *********.

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