Research Consent

Research Consent

Key Information, Two Chandys, and/or ASE are collectively referred to herein as “TwoChandys”. Part of TwoChandys’s mission is to help people communicate with one another, and research is an important part of that mission. Here are some highlights of our Research Consent Document. Please read the entire consent document below before making your decision to participate.

  • The purpose of TwoChandys Research is to make new discoveries about social sciences.
  • If you agree to this consent, you allow TwoChandys researchers to use certain information (including your responses to research surveys) to study a wide variety of research topics.
  • To protect your privacy, TwoChandys conducts research with information that has been stripped of your name and contact information and combined with similar information from many research participants.
  • Some TwoChandys Research is conducted in collaboration with third parties, such as non-profit organizations or academic institutions. We may share summaries of research results, which do not identify any particular individual, with qualified research collaborators and in related publications.
  • It is unlikely that you will directly benefit from your participation, though you and others may benefit in the future from discoveries that lead to advances or improvements to TwoChandys ’s product or services. There is a very small risk that someone could get access to your Personal Information (information that can be used to identify you) without your permission in the event of a privacy breach.
  • Taking part in this research is completely voluntary, and you can change your consent choice at any time without affecting your access to the TwoChandys product or services.

Purpose: Why Is TwoChandys Doing Research?

TwoChandys aims to make and support scientific discoveries. To do this, we conduct our own research and support the work of other researchers around the world by collaborating and publishing our findings in academic journals. Results of our research may be used to help understand human and nonhuman animal behavior or new reports and features for the TwoChandys product or services. TwoChandys makes discoveries by analyzing information across large numbers of research participants to find patterns. Results of our research may be used to help develop new behavioral initiatives. Some discoveries made by TwoChandys could help researchers better understand human and animal behavior, health, and wellness.

What Does It Mean to Take Part In TwoChandys Research?

If you choose to take part in TwoChandys Research, you will be asked to take surveys or enter information about yourself into our third-party survey service provider. You choose which information to provide and which questions to answer. Giving consent means that you agree to let TwoChandys researchers use your Self-Reported Information (including such information provided prior to giving consent) for TwoChandys Research, as described above. Self-Reported Information” refers to information you enter into surveys, forms and other features emailed directly to you from TwoChandys , your age and ethnicity, and/or data from a third party that you authorize us to use for research.

TwoChandys Research is open-ended: we may inform you of new surveys and research opportunities as they are added. We may also invite you to participate in specific studies based on information you’ve previously provided. We use routine communication methods to inform you of research opportunities. We may send you email invites and/or notifications in your account or on your mobile device.

When TwoChandys conducts studies on sensitive research topics, you will be provided additional information to help you decide whether you want to take part in this research.

Depending on the research activity, we may or may not provide you with compensation for your time. For some longer or more involved research activities, cash equivalents, or charitable donations may be provided as compensation. There is no cost to take part in this research.

Some TwoChandys Research may be sponsored by or conducted in collaboration with third parties, such as non-profit organizations or academic institutions whose additional expertise and/or resources can help TwoChandys make important discoveries.

Sometimes research discoveries lead to products or inventions that have value if they are made or sold. In situations where your information contributed to an invention or product that profited TwoChandys or any of its research collaborators, you will not receive any financial benefits.

*You can learn more about Self-Reported Information in our Privacy Statement.

How Is My Privacy Protected?

TwoChandys uses a range of physical, technical, and administrative measures to protect your information. We regularly review and improve our privacy and security practices to help ensure the safety of your information. These practices include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • TwoChandys research analyses are conducted with information that has been stripped of your identifying Registration Information (name, address, email address, user ID, password, or credit card). Your contact information may be used to communicate with you but are not analyzed in combination with your Self-Reported Information.
  • When we publish research results or share results with collaborators, we only publish or share summary information that does not identify any particular individual.
  • All TwoChandys employees are trained on how to work with human research participants, and TwoChandys researchers receive additional training on how to conduct research responsibly.

Who Will Have Access to My Information?

Outside of TwoChandys

We may share summaries of research results, which do not identify any particular individual, with qualified research collaborators and in publications. We will not ask you for separate permission every time we share summary information with qualified research collaborators or publish in scientific journals. We may share information with an ethics review board (also called an Institutional Review Board or “IRB”).

Within TwoChandys

TwoChandys researchers who conduct analyses will have access to Self-Reported Information, but not to your identifying Registration Information. For further details on TwoChandys’s other uses of Personal Information, see our Privacy Statement.

What Are the Benefits and Risks of Taking Part in TwoChandys Research?


You will not receive any direct benefits by taking part in TwoChandys Research. You may, however, receive indirect benefits:

  • Sometime in the future, you or others may benefit indirectly from TwoChandys Research discoveries, such as those that improve TwoChandys product or services offerings or contribute to ways to understand behavior.
  • By taking surveys you may learn about TwoChandys ‘s Research findings. We may also let you know which publications you’ve contributed to and provide you with periodic updates on the research.


Discomfort: Some survey questions or data comparisons may make you uncomfortable.

Privacy: Although TwoChandys has strict policies and practices in place to minimize the risk of a breach, there is a very small risk that a breach of your Personal Information can happen. For example:

  • In the event of a breach, your Self-Reported Information could be exposed outside of TwoChandys .
  • There is a remote chance that an individual could be re-identified from summary information, including from published research results. In theory, a bad actor who has obtained your data could compare your data to the summary research results and determine that you had participated in a particular study, and could possibly learn things about you related to the study.

There may be additional risks to participation that are currently unforeseeable.

Can I Change My Mind?

Your participation in the TwoChandys Research study is completely voluntary, so you may choose to not participate. If you change your mind about participating, you can change your consent choice as surveys are sent to you.

There is no penalty for choosing not to give consent or for withdrawing from TwoChandys Research. You will not lose any benefits you receive by being a TwoChandys customer.

If you choose not to give consent for TwoChandys Research, your Self-Reported Information may still be used for other purposes, such as to improve the TwoChandys product and services, as described in our Privacy Statement.

Your participation in TwoChandys Research could be terminated without your consent in the case of a transfer of ownership of TwoChandys (described in our Privacy Statement), or termination of TwoChandys products or services (described in our Terms of Service).

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

If you have general questions and need help with TwoChandys’s product or services, or if you have any questions or concerns about TwoChandys Research, if you suffer a research-related injury, or if you have a question about subjects’ rights, please email

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